Invitational FALL FAMILY Portrait Call

Special Edition FALL TEXAS THEMED Location Family Portrait Sessions

If you and your family would like to be considered,
please look below for the Portrait Session Option that fits you best!

Inspiration Image and the Master Craftsman who made it

Inspiration Image and the Master Craftsman who made it


For families with horses who live on/have access to wooded property (or have property/farm/barn that would make a good background). 


For families who live in a wooded area or in a location where we can have a nice campfire. This specialty portrait is best photographed just around sunset. Horses and/or dogs are a plus! 

Inspiration Image

Inspiration Image

Inspiration Image

Inspiration Image


For families who live on a farm and have horses or livestock and a barn or large house facade that would really feel like living a farm life. 


Do you have any suggestions for a Portrait Session that embraces Texas family life? Let's hear it!

What's included in this Invitational Portrait Call?

We appreciate the effort of planning this portrait session and having your family 'model' for us as we create beautiful portraits that other local families will see, fall in love with, and ask us to make their family portraits just like yours. 

For your time and effort in helping us fulfill these portraits we provide

Inspiration Image

Inspiration Image

  • Full Portrait Session Experience, including a custom Portrait Planning Session to plan clothes, set, and options.
  • 1.5-2.5 hr Location Portrait Session including travel up to 50 miles from our Round Rock Studio with Award Winning Portrait Artist Team Jennifer & Aaron Gomez. (a $500 total session + travel value) 
  • In-Person Portrait Viewing Appointment. We will show you your portraits so you can enjoy the full experience just the same as our regular clients.
    Remember, only one per session, so all decision makers are required to attend.
  • A mounted 16 x 20" Portrait will be included.

    ONE PER FAMILY May not be combined with any other offer.



  1. This is a portrait session with the focus for our studio to design and photograph a select collection of family portraits for our marketing and advertising. A model release for you and your family is required. Clothing consultation is required. We ask you to follow a few simple guidelines (See our Clothing Guide). We would love accessories like cowboy/girl hats and subtle accessories. We're not looking for big bows and over-the-top. Just classy, Texas. 
  2. We are looking to have these Sessions September, October and November. Contact us to arrange your session.
  3. Five or more family members ages 8 and older. Extended family is great, but be sure to plan a date that works for everyone. We are a very busy studio and don't have many dates available for rescheduling. If you need to reschedule, please give us 2 weeks notice. If anyone is sick, please let us know. If we can, we we will reschedule your family portrait.
  4. A 16 x 20" mounted portrait will be included with your Family Portrait Session. You are not under any obligation to purchase anything further. If you decide to make a purchase, we have upgrade options, collections, and payment plans so you can get anything you want. An in-person viewing appointment is required. We really want to give you the full experience, and coming into our showroom to see your beautiful portraits projected on a big screen is really a fun experience and its really worth coming in for! 



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